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“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” — Diane Mariechild

Sol-Maids story.  It all started off when Elsa decided to leave her old job, working for a cleaning company. She had worked there a little less than a year. But there were things she didn't believe were done right. So she began to work as a self-employed maid, little did she know it would lead to something bigger. She worked like this for several years not knowing that she could be more than just a self-employed maid. Her son who had just graduated high school in 2012 , wasn't sure as to what his future held in store. A simple choice to study business at PCC made his brain burst with ideas, not only did he help his mom start her very own company under her name, but he had GREAT idea building up inside. Early 2014 Andres began to think of how he could help his mother out even more. The Sol-Maids idea came to life! Andres decided he would start from scratch and try to build not just a company with a logo, but an empire in which no other cleaning company could compare. A better, more caring type of clean. A clean that you could come home to and not have worry about. A type of clean you could trust. A BRIGHTER CLEAN!


About our teams. The Sol-Maids team is not only very well trained by one our great founders "Elsa" but every maid that applies with us gets a one-on-one interview with our highly trained Cleaning Manager. Fermin has led teams in previous companies for 4 years and has had proffesional management experience for 6. He has a total of 10 years worth of leadership/management, this makes him perfect for this job. He will determine whether their application gets through to our General Manager and past to the President for further review. Only the top maids get past our screening, this helps us bring you the best, top quality and high experienced maids. Making Sol-Maids a one of kind company! 


Click on the pictures below and find out more about each one of our team members.



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